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How to turn site visitors into a source of income?


Earlier, in an article about how to set up a money-making machine, I wrote in a part of it that I know a website that has 7,000 unique visitors a day. This website has dedicated a part of its website to the online sales of a series of products, but with this large number of visits, almost 10 of those visitors have purchased products daily. People are shopping.

Where is the difference?

Why did this happen? (Incidentally, I had designed both of those websites myself.) From the first day it was designed, the first website was not supposed to sell products at all, or the store was not discussed at all, but on the second website, real human website traffic is the art of turning visitors into customers  was used. . Part of the process involves design time and the programmer and designer of the site, and a large part of it depends on the webmaster and owner of the website, and on the second website the director of the online store enjoyed the art.

Conversion rate, like website optimization, is a broad term known as Conversion Rate Optimization. In other words, the conversion rate can be equated to ROI or Return on Investment, which in the business world means the rate of return on investment.

One of the processes of earning money from the visitor after determining the idea and implementing it is to try to increase the conversion rate.

The idea of making money:

There are many ways and means: from placing banner and click ads on the site to directing users to other sites and receiving a percentage of them; But these methods are not very appealing, and sometimes even reduce your credibility among users, some of which you may miss.

In the following, we will explain in detail the different modes, but before that, let us divide the websites into three different types from three different perspectives in this article:

Turn the visitor into a source of income

The Art of Turning a Visitor into a Customer: As mentioned, part of this art is related to the designer and programmer of your website, and part of it is related to the webmaster. Here, because our audience is webmasters, not programmers and web designers; So we avoid talking about what a programmer should do and what to consider to increase the rate of conversion of visitors to customers, because an experienced programmer knows what to do well in the professional design of online stores. But we are talking to webmasters and businesses. How to earn money from visitors to their site in any situation: be a store, be a regular website, be a service website. The important point here is that we do not want to talk about increasing site traffic in this article, but we assume that There are a lot of visits to your site and now we want to turn them into customers or sources of income.

How to monetize our site visitors? The art of turning a visitor into a customer is true when your site is an online store and you offer products or services for sale. Did Buy website traffic or Did the visitor make money?

You must first discover the idea of making money from visitors, implement it on your website, and then work on how to encourage more visitors to buy or use non-free services. The process of persuading more users than all visitors to buy is called "conversion rate increase."

So, we need to define a conversion rate increase: "Processes that cause more visitors to the site to become customers and buy from your site are called conversion rate increases." "The higher the number of purchases than the number of visits, the higher the conversion rate."

1- There are some types of online store websites that want to sell products, their purpose and product are clear.

2- The second type is ordinary websites that have not had a sales department yet, they have nothing to sell, but the number of visitors is high, and they like to earn money from these visitors. Now in different ways, which we will examine below.

3. The third type of websites are related to factories, production and service units, shops and various examples of such businesses that have a physical existence and also have a website. In such cases, users can be encouraged to use their services or products, which is also a kind of great advertising for their business.

So, the idea of making money in this article is specific to the second type, which you will read in the description section of the second type.

We will now explain these in detail. Our main focus is on the second type, because the purpose of this article is also related to this type.

The first type: If your website is in the online store category, converting visitors into your own source of revenue is automatically done on your site because the nature of online stores is the same, but you may have high traffic but low sales; So you need to consider the reasons why such a situation can occur. You can check the causes of such a situation by visiting the link Why in online stores, even though we have a high number of visits, but the sales rate is low.

What is meant by direct and indirect?

Suppose you have an educational website about success in the entrance exam, and sometimes you publish a series of articles to cheer up the entrance exams, which is well received by your writings, and Best Organic Traffic Services To Buy Online and you can have an average of 1,000 organic website traffic a day. Now, if you set up a section on your site called Online Counseling so that users have to pay a fee for the consultation, then you will earn money directly from your visit. We're not going to go into detail on what you need to do to get more users to sign up for the consultation and pay the fee. This was just one example.


Another way is to set up a new online store site, such as a series of books and things needed for mining, and then encourage users with marketing tricks and placing your store ad on that popular site. To enter the store and buy. This is an indirect method.