How to Convert Visitors into Customers Using a Landing Page


Here are some ideas for those who own High Quality, Targeted Website Traffic:

• Create a sales section for related products (experience has proven to me that this method is extremely responsive)

• Create a non-free consultation section on your website.

• Create an online training section on the subject of your website.

• Selling content in the specialized field of your website. For example, your site is a specialized educational site in the field of composition. You can get money from users to access all articles, which can be considered due to the large number of users.

• Insert ads related to the subject of your website. There are many people who want to advertise on your site and pay for it no matter what, you just have to show yourself to them. (Of course, the subject of advertising is very broad)

• Advertising business and self. A business that is physical and has nothing to do with your website. Please read the descriptions for third-party websites at the bottom of this page.

• Posts or promotional articles. Suppose you have a popular website for skin and health. Now, a cosmetics distribution company is asking you to publish a promotional article in your site within a certain period of time and name it; Of course, the cost of these ads that you pay depends on the popularity of your site.

• Specialized Q&A Associations in the specialized field related to your website that members must pay a fee to enter this section and ask specialized questions.

• Job search ads. Suppose your website is in the field of medical equipment repair training, and your visitors are mostly repairmen working in this field. Now a reputable company intends to hire a professional for its repair department, so you are offered to put a link to the job advertisement on your site for a certain period of time at a certain cost that is paid to you, so that the company achieves its goal and Attract professional forces.


• Sell or rent pages. Just a while ago, I designed a website whose owner rented some of its pages, and it happened to be a surprise. The website was mentioned in the field of marketing, and after the arrival of a large number of marketing consultants, they rented some pages of this site to put their advertisements and resumes in it, and of course, this would be very useful for them because of the increased effort to visit. And they didn't have issues like that anymore.

• Hold conferences, classes or workshops. For example, your website is active in the field of psychology, place an ad on the top of the site and write in it to hold workshops to increase self-confidence. If you set a fee of 50,000 tomans for each person, for example, suppose that if 30 people attend these classes and these classes are held several times a week, the income can be significant.

Remember not to limit yourself to what I have mentioned below and remember that there are 1,000 ideas and ways to earn money for each person in the world through the Internet. Buy social traffic in your effort is to find one of these 1000 unique ways of thinking and thinking.

Now suppose you find the idea, either directly or indirectly. Now there will be a discussion about increasing the conversion rate (if you don't know what the conversion rate is, please go back to the top of this page and read the article again) and you should try a little to increase this rate and increase revenue. Wash.

Trying to increase the conversion rate is the same as trying to make more money: if you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. Now enter the discussion of increasing the conversion rate. Please read the article on increasing conversion rates in online stores to learn how to increase this rate.

The third type: I will give you an explanation of the third type with an example. I remember a few years ago when I was working for a company, I designed a website for a furniture production unit. After a while, they opened a large store on one of the busiest streets. The owner of this product had a child who sometimes posted a series of interesting and useful articles about home decoration on their site. One day, when I checked the site's statistics, I saw that there are about 3,000 unique visitors and 5,000 daily visits. We immediately contacted the production owner, whom I had previously designed the website for, and he said that his son was posting new content on the site every day (for three years, of course), and I suggested that he increase the number of visitors to the site. Selling furniture in your store helped. I remember exactly when he asked in surprise, "Is such a thing possible?" They didn't even know about it.


However, I started to make a series of changes to the website and did the process for them, which I will explain below. What I did on this site. A month later, they announced that they would sell furniture daily in their store after making changes. It's exactly doubled, and many customers have said that we've found your address on your website, and now we're going to buy it from your store.


Marketing strategies

Here are some of the things I did on the furniture production site:

• Add a newsletter section to a section of the site that was in front of the user's eyes on all pages. In this way, many users became members of the newsletter, and we could send them emails in the future with newsletters, including advertisements for the latest furniture.

• Add high quality and accurate images of all furniture, both new and old, on the website.

• Add detailed descriptions of all furniture on the website.

• Add a very nice and attractive ad at the top of the site to start the great sale.

• Create a lottery section on the website that gives winners an 80% discount on furniture purchases.

• Create a special discount section for those who are members of the site.

Setting up a Q&A section so that users could ask their questions about furniture. Of course, answering users on the website by the staff of that furniture store was great. (Their cooperation was very good, and they saw the result of this growth in their own collection. Everyone was happy and satisfied that this satisfaction will undoubtedly lead to extraordinary growth and development.)

Designing an incredibly attractive landing page.

Launching a section called Replacing Old Furniture with New. In this section, the user sent pictures of the furniture with the help of the website, and the store manager informed them of the cost of replacement, which certainly led to the purchase due to the seller's experience in attracting customers and marketing. Launch a section called Advice on the layout of home decor and furniture on the website.


Best Organic Traffic Services To Buy Online and Creating modes that the user was directed to the ads page of the furniture in a way after reading an article on that website and gain targeted organic website traffic, in which I also placed the image of some very beautiful sofas at a very low price. This would allow the user to visit their store even if they were far from the store. This has been mentioned by many customers in the store, who are from other cities, and through the website, seeing the pictures and the price of the furniture, they have decided to go to the store to buy.